Buyers Market - The Seller Process

It's time to discover the savvy way to sell your home.

Let Buyers Market take the strain.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. By selling your home pre-market, it won’t be lost amongst hundreds of others. We’ve got all the buyers you need. We match your home with over 3,000 prospective buyers every month. Test the market in complete privacy at no cost. Why commit to all the marketing costs and Home Reports before you know with confidence there are buyers out there who want a property like yours and at a good price?

Buyers Market Benefits for Sellers

Buyers Market - Dont get lost in the crowdWe’ve got hundreds of willing and ready buyers!
Save thousands on needless marketing costs as you select a buyer from our members
Existing sites like Rightmove, Zoopla aren’t efficient or helpful to sellers who want to test the market before they list. They are mere shop windows for every property on the market.
Aside from the sheer number of other properties that you’re competing against, there is no pro-active matching of your property to known willing buyers.
The on-the-open-market process can be very unforgiving and costly. At Buyers Market we don’t think you need to spend any money to test the true value of your property.
Our process is different. We allow buyers who are looking for a home just like yours to come to you. What matters is that their requirements match what you own.
We think the Buyers Market approach represents a new addition to the present system and allows sellers a useful no-cost option that is not available today.

Only committed buyers who have registered their details and are members with us can display their property requirements on the Buyers Target Map.

Our buyer-led process allows off-market and prospective sellers to place their property in front of buyers who have expressed in detail that they want a property like yours.

People who are considering selling their home but have not listed it for sale yet, i.e. Prospective Sellers can also register their interest as well as referring to the Buyers Target Map. If no current buyers appear at the time of inspecting, don’t worry this is normal. Just like Edinburgh buses, there will be another one along soon! When you register our Buying Expert will automatically match you to new buyers as they appear. You will never miss out on the opportunity to sell to a member who wants a house like yours!

The current UK house selling process is not aligned with these more developed concepts. Too often, buyers have to trawl through hundreds of web pages before they find the right property. And a lot of the homes they’re shown aren’t relevant to their needs. Interestingly in America and Australia this approach is far more woven into the way they work.

Our platform makes it easier for buyers.

When buyers become members, they tell us exactly what they’re looking for. This means that your home is shown to the right buyers who are looking for a place just like yours.

No more simply hoping that the perfect buyer will stumble upon your home among thousands of others. Instead, when one of our buyers receives the details of your home, they’ll already know that it matches their requirements.

Buyers Market - Test the marketWhy commit to all the marketing costs and Home Reports before you know with confidence there are buyers out there who want a property like yours.

Sell your house in complete privacy without conspicuous sale boards or splashing your business all over the property portals.

The Sellers Process

  • Buyers Market - Complete your profile
    Register with us

    Click on a Buyer locator icon on the Buyers Target Map or click on the I'm a Seller button to Register and begin the process.

  • Buyers Market - Find a match
    We Find Matches

    We match your home with potential buyers interested in purchasing your property type in your area.

  • Set Up Viewings

    We advise and help to prepare Schedules and arrange a viewing with your interested buyers.

  • Buyers Market, Edinburgh
    Communication and Support

    We help you find Surveyors and solicitors and provide updates along the way until the completion of the sale

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This exciting new service is only available in Edinburgh today but soon you will see us in Lothians and Fife.

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