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Our aim is to reduce stress, increase certainty and improve the experience of people buying and selling their home

Established Edinburgh Estate agents have known for years that many properties sell off-market. It has been estimated that one in eight homes sell this way, without ever being shown on Rightmove, Zoopla or ESPC.

This may sound over-estimated but consider for a minute how things work. When a new property is introduced, the selling agent’s instinct is to call the buyers that have contacted them in advance. Many of the larger agents have a schedule of hundreds of prospective buyers at any one time. This process works for sellers too. The first buyers through the door are often the most engaged and will often pay the most. This way sellers can avoid lengthy, stressful stays of their property on the open market.

This age-old method can work in the seller’s favour. However, often the limited volume of buyers on the estate agent’s ‘secret list’ can work against this process where at least 90% of other willing buyers had not been contacted. This is one of the benefits of using the Buyer’s Market unique approach. Off-Market and Prospective sellers are re-assured that their property has reached the largest available volume of active buyers in the City and is not just limited to one agent’s contacts.

With the unique Buyers Target Map we identify for prospective sellers all of the active buyers who’s search criteria match your own property. Sellers are in control of the process, and it doesn’t cost them a penny. Sellers can test the market safe in the knowledge they will remain anonymous and can withdraw at any time or decide to place their home on the open market at any time if a suitable buyer has not emerged.

Buyers and sellers register their search criteria on our off-market platform, subsequently our market leading software, together with our Buying Experts, match them up to meet their respective requirements. Everyone who has benefitted from a dating app knowns how matching up works.

For the first time ever, buyers and sellers know they aren’t missing out on the best matching options in Edinburgh. You don’t need to miss out on hidden gems just because the old system does not work that way.

The Business Model

The Buyers Market business model was devised to be an efficient hybrid working methodology where home or remote working staff can connect to the property data sets and Contact Relationship Management systems via the internet. Customer contact is also designed to suit our client’s busy working lives and the main form of contact is via scheduled zoom conference meetings supplemented with email and telephone where necessary.

Connect today

This exciting new service is only available in Edinburgh today but soon you will see us in Lothians and Fife.

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