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Unique off-market opportunities combined with relevant home searches that match your every detail. Uncover properties that aren’t available anywhere else. Allow your dedicated Buying Expert to be on your case 24/7 and not miss a thing. When you are a member of Buyers Market you can get access to a pro-active consultancy service who can tailor a search service for your dream property to suit your needs and circumstances. Get in touch to find out more about this ‘no-win no fee’ type service.

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Buyers Market - ‘Pre-Market and Prospective’ house buying Platform

This real-time matching approach leads to opportunities for you that aren’t available on sites like Rightmove, on the market or Zoopla.
They are only available from Buyers Market

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As a buyer, sometimes you can feel a little lost. You feel there is nobody punching for you in this game. There is now. As a seller you have your agent acting on your behalf working hard to earn their sale fee by selling your house. As a buyer you have nobody ‘with skin in the game’ except yourself. This has all changed now with Buyer’s Market. You now have a champion for you and your buying needs.

You will have full control and first pick of off- market homes. You will have complete anonymity from sellers until you express an interest in viewing the property.

We offer only relevant search options. When you join our community of buyers, you set up a profile telling us exactly what you’re looking for.

We then allocate you a unique reference number to keep your identity confidential from sellers and use your information to match you with appropriate sellers on our platform.

Buyers Market kitchen An annoying aspect of buying a home can be the volume of unsolicited calls you receive. One of the best aspects of being a member of Buyers Market is when you get a call the chances are this is the call from your Buying Expert informing you of a new seller who wants you to buy their house – and it’s a perfect fit! Our role is to help you choose which matches will be likely to suit you best. We offer only relevant search options which might work for you and your loved ones. We therefore provide a stress-free process that cuts out the dross.

The Buyers Process

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    Click on a Buyer locator icon on the Buyers Target Map or click on the I'm a Buyer button to Register and begin the process

  • Buyers Market - Complete your profile
    Complete Your Schedule

    Fill in your requirements and target buying locations

  • Buyers Market - Find a match
    We Find a Match

    We match your requirements to off-market sellers in your target locations

  • Buyers Market - Arrange a Viewing
    Arrange a Viewing

    We provide you with more information and when appropriate arrange a viewing with the matched seller

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This exciting new service is only available in Edinburgh today but soon you will see us in Lothians and Fife.

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