Buyers Market is a new platform dedicated to assisting homebuyers across the UK.

Currently active in Edinburgh and expanding soon to  the Lothians & Fife

Our ‘Pre-Market and Prospective’ house buying Platform is helping people navigate through the maze that is the current property buying process.

Currently active in Edinburgh and expanding soon to  the Lothians & Fife

How it works for pre-market sellers

Buyers Market is a new platform dedicated to assisting homebuyers across the UK.

Buyers Market Edinburgh - Find your dream homeWe recognise the unique collective requirements of this group of people who are committed to undertake one of the most arduous tasks in life. The buying and selling process is very much like the adventures of Indiana Jones in the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Full of unsuspecting trapdoors and exhilarating escapes. If you are able to buy a house, you begin the venture as a prospective house buyer seeking to purchase your first or next dream home. As a homebuyer you proceed along the stressful process of searching and competing with other equally determined home seekers signing up for every portal alert and property tip-off you can find. Eventually you find the ‘one’ and you buy your new home.


This adventure usually ends in success although the task doesn’t end when you complete your purchase. Exhausted and with shredded nerves you have to throw yourself into the next phase of the journey to build yourself a home and the new game immediately begins. You find out the property does not fit your memory of how it looked at the two short nighttime viewings you squeezed in after work. The range gas cooker that looked glossy and with a double oven turns out to be useless for stir-fries using your favourite wok. This will have to go and that is just the beginning.
Buyers Market - ‘Pre-Market and Prospective’ house buying Platform
Statistics show that owners of new homes spend more in the first 6 months than they do in the next 6 years. To add to this, the estimated cost of services and products to help you settle into the home is inevitably higher than anticipated and takes longer. This ‘settling-in’ phase usually lasts at least a year and on average two years, especially for those larger changes which you need to make to enable a long and happy life in your new home.

Important Notice

The Buyers Market site will officially launch on 30th June 2023. At this stage, the Buyers Target Map will be published and fully functioning for Active Buyers and Active Sellers to commence matching their properties. In the meantime, the site is available for Sellers and Buyers to sign-up in advance of the launch. Sign-up now to get in the front of the queue and snap up previously unseen property gems.

Please read on to learn about the benefits of the Buyers Market unique services and prepare to come on board for the ‘Buyers Revolution’.


Homebuyer Distinct Types

Buyers Market recognise Homebuyers are not a monolithic group with the same needs and circumstances. First-time buyers have different needs from second-time buyers. Mortgage buyers have different approaches and requirements to cash buyers. Some buyers require to sell their current house prior to purchasing a new one. Buyers Market have identified the specific needs of each of these groups by providing value-added services to help them along their journey.

Homebuying Process

The process splits into 3 basic stages:

  • Stage 1-Preparation and Home Search

    Selling an existing property, getting a mortgage, searching available property, viewing favourable properties

  • Buyers Market - Complete your profile
    Stage 2- Found it and secured it

    Offer(s) made, offer accepted, legals completed, move-in

  • Buyers Market - Connect today
    Stage 3- Settling In

    Decoration, furniture, new utilities, home improvements etc. to make the home your own, usually from first 6 months-2 years

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See the different membership levels and how we can help discover your dream home

Buyers Market have initially identified three beneficial service offerings to our homebuyer customers:

  • Buyers Market - Complete your profile
    BM EH Agent Finder

    Many homebuyers are sellers first who require to sell before they buy. To help with the selling process we have put together a first-class agent finder service.
    Click here to learn more

  • Buyers Market - Find a match
    BM Homebuyer Welcome Packs

    To help new house owners settle into their homes with as much ease as possible and allow home suppliers to reach their target audience with certainty BM has created:
    Click here to learn more

  • Buyers Market - Arrange a Viewing
    BM Pre-market (Service coming soon)

    Many homebuyers are tired of the stressful process of trawling through portals to find their next home. We have created a unique off-market matching service for those discerning sellers and buyers who wish to have a more profitable and less stressful journey to finding their next home:
    Click here to learn more

Find out more...
See the different membership levels and how we can help discover your dream home
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